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  • Dey T.; Maljuk A.; Efremov D.; Kataeva O.; Gass S.; Blum C.; Steckel F.; Gruner D.; Ritschel T.; Wolter A.; Geck J.; Hess C.; Koepernik K.; Van Den Brink J.; Wurmehl S.; Büchner B. (2016)
    © 2016 American Physical Society.Materials with a 5d4 electronic configuration are generally considered to have a nonmagnetic ground state (J=0). Interestingly, Sr2YIrO6 (Ir5+ having 5d4 electronic configuration) was ...
  • Corredor L.; Aslan-Cansever G.; Sturza M.; Manna K.; Maljuk A.; Gass S.; Dey T.; Wolter A.; Kataeva O.; Zimmermann A.; Geyer M.; Blum C.; Wurmehl S.; Büchner B. (2017)
    © 2017 American Physical Society.Recently, the iridate double perovskite Sr2YIrO6 has attracted considerable attention due to the report of unexpected magnetism in this Ir5+ (5d4) material, in which according to the Jeff ...
  • Kumar R.; Dey T.; Ette P.; Ramesha K.; Chakraborty A.; Dasgupta I.; Eremina R.; Tóth S.; Shahee A.; Kundu S.; Prinz-Zwick M.; Gippius A.; Von Nidda H.; Büttgen N.; Gegenwart P.; Mahajan A. (2019)
    © 2019 American Physical Society. Here we present the structural and magnetic properties of the new honeycomb material Ag3LiMn2O6. The system Ag[Li1/3Mn2/3]O2 belongs to a quaternary 3R-delafossite family and crystallizes ...

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