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  • Frolov K.; Lyubutin I.; Chareev D.; Abdel-Hafiez M. (2019)
    © 2019, Pleiades Publishing, Inc. Mössbauer spectra of single crystals of sulfur-doped iron selenide FeSe0.91S0.09 are studied in a wide temperature range, including the vicinity of structural and superconducting transitions. ...
  • Zybtsev S.; Pokrovskii V.; Nasretdinova V.; Zaitsev-Zotov S.; Pavlovskiy V.; Odobesco A.; Pai W.; Chu M.; Lin Y.; Zupanič E.; Van Midden H.; Šturm S.; Tchernychova E.; Prodan A.; Bennett J.; Mukhamedshin I.; Chernysheva O.; Menushenkov A.; Loginov V.; Loginov B.; Titov A.; Abdel-Hafiez M. (2017)
    © 2017 American Physical Society.We review the features of the charge density wave (CDW) conductor NbS3 (phase II) and include several additional results from transport, compositional, and structural studies. Particularly, ...
  • Koshelev A.; Zvereva E.; Shvanskaya L.; Volkova O.; Abdel-Hafiez M.; Gippius A.; Zhurenko S.; Tkachev A.; Chareev D.; Büttgen N.; Schaedler M.; Iqbal A.; Rahaman B.; Saha-Dasgupta T.; Vasiliev A. (2019)
    © 2019 American Chemical Society. The presence of both strong interchain and intrachain interactions of an antiferromagnetic as well as an ferromagnetic nature may lead to the appearance of a gap in the magnetic excitation ...
  • Putilov A.; Di Giorgio C.; Vadimov V.; Trainer D.; Lechner E.; Curtis J.; Abdel-Hafiez M.; Volkova O.; Vasiliev A.; Chareev D.; Karapetrov G.; Koshelev A.; Aladyshkin A.; Mel'Nikov A.; Iavarone M. (2019)
    © 2019 American Physical Society. Low-temperature scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy has been used to image the vortex core and the vortex lattice in FeSe single crystals. The local tunneling spectra acquired ...

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