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  • Smith P.B.; Easterbrook M.J.; Koc Y.; Lun V.M.C.; Papastylianou D.; Grigoryan L.; Torres C.; Efremova M.; Hassan B.; Abbas A.; Ahmad A.H.; al-Bayati A.; Selim H.A.; Anderson J.; Cross S.E.; Delfino G.I.; Gamsakhurdia V.; Gavreliuc A.; Gavreliuc D.; Gul P.; Günsoy C.; Hakobjanyan A.; Lay S.; Lopukhova O.; Hu P.; Sunar D.; Texeira M.L.M.; Tripodi D.; Diaz Rivera P.E.; van Osch Y.; Yuki M.; Ogusu N.; Kwantes C.T.; Diaz-Loving R.; Pérez-Floriano L.; Chaleeraktrakoon T.; Chobthamkit P. (2020)
    © 2020 SAGE Publications. This study compares the individual-level and sample-level predictive utility of a measure of the cultural logics of dignity, honor, and face. University students in 29 samples from 24 nations used ...

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