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  • Bardakov S.N.; Tsargush V.A.; Carlier P.G.; Nikitin S.S.; Kurbatov S.A.; Titova A.A.; Umakhanova Z.R.; Akhmedova P.G.; Magomedova R.M.; Zheleznyak I.S.; Emelyantsev A.A.; Berezhnaya E.N.; A Yakovlev I.; Isaev A.A.; Deev R.V. (2021)
    The widespread use of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in the diagnosis of myopathies has made it possible to clarify the typical MRI pattern of dysferlinopathy. However, sufficient attention has not been given to the ...
  • Chernova O.N.; Mavlikeev M.O.; Kiyasov A.P.; Bozo I.Y.; Deev R.V. (2021)
    The study assessed reactivity of stromal-vascular skeletal muscle differons to acute chemical injury. Dysferlin-deficient Bla/J mice and the wild-type С57BL/6 mice were intramuscularly injected with 100 μl of 0.5% procaine ...

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