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  • Lugovaya G.; Sherstnev A. (2015)
    © 2015, Allerton Press, Inc. In the paper we give a characterization of a w*-continuous orthogonal vector field F over a W*-algebra of type I2 in terms of reductions of F on the center of the algebra. As an application we ...
  • Bikchentaev A. (2017)
    © 2017, Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.Suppose that P and Q are idempotents on a Hilbert space H, while Q = Q* and I is the identity operator in H. If U = P − Q is an isometry then U = U* is unitary and Q = I − P. We establish ...
  • Matvejchuk M. (1997)
    An analog to the Gleason theorem for measures on logics of projections in indefinite metric spaces is proved.
  • Bikchentaev A. (2015)
    © 2015, Allerton Press, Inc. We show that every measure of non-compactness on a W*-algebra is an ideal F-pseudonorm. We establish a criterion of the right Fredholm property of an element with respect to a W*-algebra. We ...
  • Sherstnev A. (2013)
    In the paper we present two results for measures on projections in a W *-algebra of type I2. First, it is shown that, for any such measure m, there exists a Hilbert-valued orthogonal vector measure μ such that {norm of ...
  • Bikchentaev A. (2016)
    © 2016, Allerton Press, Inc.We establish monotonicity and convexity criteria for a continuous function f: R+ → R with respect to any C*-algebra. We obtain an estimate for the measure of noncompactness of the difference of ...
  • Matvejchuk M. (1998)
    Let M be a real W*-algebra of J-real bounded operators containing no central summand of type I2 in a complex Hubert space H with conjugation J. Denote by P the quantum logic of all J-orthogonal projections in the von Neumann ...
  • Matvejchuk M. (1997)
    We characterize the set of all semiconstant measures on the hyperbolic logics of projections in indefinite metric spaces and describe the set of all probability measures on these logics. ©1997 American Mathematical Society.
  • Bikchentaev A. (2013)
    In 1975 U. Haagerup has posed the following question: Whether every normal subadditive weight on a W*-algebra is σ-weakly lower semicontinuous? In 2011 the author has positively answered this question in the particular ...

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