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  • Abyzov A.N.; Quynh T.C. (2021)
    It is shown that every finitely generated right R-module is almost injective if and only if every cyclic right R-module is almost injective, if and only if R/J(R) is a right SV-ring with Loewy(RR) ≤ 2 and there is a finite ...
  • Quynh T.C.; Abyzov A.; Dan P.; Van Thuyet L. (2020)
    © 2020, Iranian Mathematical Society. In this paper, we study rings with the property that every cyclic module is almost-injective (CAI). It is shown that R is an Artinian serial ring with J(R) 2= 0 if and only if R is a ...
  • Abyzov A. (2015)
    © 2015, Allerton Press, Inc. We give a description of rings of formalmatrices belonging to one of the following classes of rings: semiartinian rings, max-rings, V -rings, SV -rings. We study semiartinian SSP-rings and ...
  • Abyzov A.; Koşan T.; Quynh T.C.; Tapkin D. (2021)
    The notion of simple-direct-injective modules which are a generalization of injective modules unifies C2 and C3-modules. In the present paper, we introduce the notion of the semisimple-direct-injective module which gives ...
  • Il'in S. (2012)
    We investigate the semirings over which all simple semimodules are injective. In ring and module theory, the rings with an analogous condition are called V-rings. Therefore it is natural to call the semirings under ...

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