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  • Pelaz B.; Alexiou C.; Alvarez-Puebla R.; Alves F.; Andrews A.; Ashraf S.; Balogh L.; Ballerini L.; Bestetti A.; Brendel C.; Bosi S.; Carril M.; Chan W.; Chen C.; Chen X.; Cheng Z.; Cui D.; Du J.; Dullin C.; Escudero A.; Feliu N.; Gao M.; George M.; Gogotsi Y.; Grünweller A.; Gu Z.; Halas N.; Hampp N.; Hartmann R.; Hersam M.; Hunziker P.; Jian J.; Jiang X.; Jungebluth P.; Kadhiresan P.; Kataoka K.; Khademhosseini A.; Kopeček J.; Kotov N.; Krug H.; Lee D.; Lehr C.; Leong K.; Liang X.; Ling Lim M.; Liz-Marzán L.; Ma X.; Macchiarini P.; Meng H.; Möhwald H.; Mulvaney P.; Nel A.; Nie S.; Nordlander P.; Okano T.; Oliveira J.; Park T.; Penner R.; Prato M.; Puntes V.; Rotello V.; Samarakoon A.; Schaak R.; Shen Y.; Sjöqvist S.; Skirtach A.; Soliman M.; Stevens M.; Sung H.; Tang B.; Tietze R.; Udugama B.; VanEpps J.; Weil T.; Weiss P. (2017)
    © 2017 American Chemical Society.The design and use of materials in the nanoscale size range for addressing medical and health-related issues continues to receive increasing interest. Research in nanomedicine spans a ...
  • Zhuravleva M.; Gilazieva Z.; Grigoriev T.; Shepelev A.; Kh. Tenchurin T.; Kamyshinsky R.; Krasheninnikov S.; Orlov S.; Caralogli G.; Archipova S.; Holterman M.; Mavlikeev M.; Deev R.; Chvalun S.; Macchiarini P. (2019)
    © 2018 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Artificial tissue-engineered grafts offer a potential alternative to autologous tissue grafts for patients, which can be traumatic. After decellularizing Papio hamadryas esophagus and studying ...
  • Nold P.; Hartmann R.; Feliu N.; Kantner K.; Gamal M.; Pelaz B.; Hühn J.; Sun X.; Jungebluth P.; Pino P.; Hackstein H.; Macchiarini P.; Parak W.; Brendel C. (2017)
    © 2017 The Author(s).Background: Mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) have an inherent migratory capacity towards tumor tissue in vivo. With the future objective to quantify the tumor homing efficacy of MSCs, as first step in ...
  • Baiguera S.; Arkhipva S.; Yin D.; Holterman M.; Macchiarini P. (2016)
    © 2016, Springer Science+Business Media New York.The repair and reconstruction of bile ducts damaged by disease or trauma remains a vexing medical problem. In particular, surgeons have few options when it comes to a long ...
  • Lemon G.; Sjöqvist S.; Lim M.; Feliu N.; Firsova A.; Amin R.; Gustafsson Y.; Stuewer A.; Haag J.; Jungebluth P.; Macchiarini P. (2016)
    © 2016 Bentham Science Publishers.Regenerative medicine is a multidisciplinary field where continued progress relies on the incorporation of a diverse set of technologies from a wide range of disciplines within medicine, ...

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