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  • Lieberman R.; Smith A.; Franke S.; Vincent R.; Isler J.; Manson A.; Meek C.; Fraser G.; Fahrutdinova A.; Thayaparan T.; Hocking W.; MacDougall J.; Nakamura T.; Tsuda T. (2000)
    The objective of this study is to compare observed mean meridional winds with those deduced from theory. The diabatic circulation is computed from High Resolution Dopper Imager (HRDI) mesospheric and lower thermospheric ...
  • Pancheva D.; Merzlyakov E.; Mitchell N.; Portnyagin Y.; Manson A.; Jacobi C.; Meek C.; Luo Y.; Clark R.; Hocking W.; MacDougall J.; Muller H.; Kürschner D.; Jones G.; Vincent R.; Reid I.; Singer W.; Igarashi K.; Fraser G.; Fahrutdinova A.; Stepanov A.; Poole L.; Malinga S.; Kashcheyev B.; Oleynikov A. (2002)
    During the PSMOS Global-scale tidal variability experiment campaign of June 1-August 31, 1999, a network of radars made measurements of winds, waves and tides in the mesosphere/lower-thermosphere region over a wide range ...
  • Lieberman R.; Robinson W.; Franke S.; Vincent R.; Isler J.; Fritts D.; Manson A.; Meek C.; Fraser G.; Fahrutdinova A.; Hocking W.; Thayaparan T.; MacDougall J.; Igarashi K.; Nakamura T.; Tsuda T. (1998)
    High Resolution Doppler Imager (HRDI) measurements of daytime and nighttime winds at 95 km are used to deduce seasonally averaged Eulerian mean meridional winds during six solstice periods. These estimates are compared ...
  • Portnyagin Y.; Solovjova T.; Merzlyakov E.; Forbes J.; Palo S.; Ortland D.; Hocking W.; MacDougall J.; Thayaparan T.; Manson A.; Meek C.; Hoffmann P.; Singer W.; Mitchell N.; Pancheva D.; Igarashi K.; Murayama Y.; Jacobi C.; Kuerschner D.; Fahrutdinova A.; Korotyshkin D.; Clark R.; Taylor M.; Franke S.; Fritts D.; Tsuda T.; Nakamura T.; Gurubaran S.; Rajaram R.; Vincent R.; Kovalam S.; Batista P.; Poole G.; Malinga S.; Fraser G.; Murphy D.; Riggin D.; Aso T.; Tsutsumi M. (2004)
    The mesosphere/lower thermosphere (MLT) wind data from the 46 ground-based (GB) MF and meteor radar (MR) stations, located at the different latitudes over the globe, and the space-based (SB) HRDI data were used for ...
  • Pancheva D.; Mitchell N.; Manson A.; Meek C.; Jacobi C.; Portnyagin Y.; Merzlyakov E.; Hocking W.; MacDougall J.; Singer W.; Igarashi K.; Clark R.; Riggin D.; Franke S.; Kürschner D.; Fahrutdinova A.; Stepanov A.; Kashcheyev B.; Oleynikov A.; Muller H. (2004)
    A network of 15 northern hemisphere radars has been used to measure horizontal winds in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere during the PSMOS campaign of Summer 1999. The radars are sited at latitudes ranging from 21°N ...

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