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  • Frolov A.N.; Zubkov M.V. (2021)
    In this paper, we describe the technique of extremely monotonic functions in the theory of computable linear orders. The basic definitions of extremely monotonic functions and their generalizations are given, and a number ...
  • Frolov A.N. (2021)
    The main goal of this paper is to study algorithmic properties of countable linear orders by constructing effective presentations of these structures on the set of natural numbers. In 1991, C. Jockusch and R. Soare constructed ...
  • Kalimullin I.S.; Selivanov V.L.; Frolov A.N. (2021)
    In this survey, we discuss computability spectra of countable structures that provide a natural measure of non-computability of a structure. This notion is a main tool for investigating algorithmic properties of countable ...
  • Selivanov V.L. (2021)
    In this survey, we discuss the theory of precomplete numberings, which appear frequently in computability theory. Precomplete numberings are closely related to some versions of the fixed-point theorem having an important ...
  • Arslanov M.M.; Yamaleev M.M. (2021)
    In this work, we review results of the last years related to the development of the structural theory of n-c.e. Turing degrees for n > 1. We also discuss possible approaches to solution of the open problems.

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