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  • Nazarova Mariya Vladimirovna; Galiullina Elmira Bilguzovna (2016)
    The formation and development of a new education system and the labor market promotes that requirements to the level of language proficiency of students considerably increase. The purpose of learning of foreign language ...
  • Nazarova Mariya Vladimirovna; Valeev Agzam Abrarovich (2019)
    Updating language education in Russia today requires implementing the newest and most efficient pedagogic techniques in teaching process. The main trait of these techniques is the presence of a means-and-methods package ...
  • Nazarova Mariya Vladimirovna; Madyakina Natalya Jurevna (2016)
    Professionally focused reading by students of nonlinguistic specialties has always been a topical issue for University English language teachers. The purpose of the article is to characterize methods of selection and ways ...
  • Nazarova Mariya Vladimirovna; Kochemasova Dinara Radikovna (2016)
    The rationale of the problem in hand is caused by insufficient study of a question of paremiological resources of English and Russian languages. The purpose of the article consists in studying, description and comparison ...

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