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  • Garnett S.T.; Christidis L.; Conix S.; Costello M.J.; Zachos F.E.; Bánki O.S.; Bao Y.; Barik S.K.; Buckeridge J.S.; Hobern D.; Lien A.; Montgomery N.; Nikolaeva S.; Pyle R.L.; Thomson S.A.; van Dijk P.P.; Whalen A.; Zhang Z.Q.; Thiele K.R. (2020)
    Copyright: © 2020 Garnett et al. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided ...
  • Thomson S.A.; Thiele K.; Conix S.; Christidis L.; Costello M.J.; Hobern D.; Nikolaeva S.; Pyle R.L.; van Dijk P.P.; Weaver H.; Zachos F.E.; Zhang Z.Q.; Garnett S.T. (2021)
    Species lists are widely used in legislation and regulation to manage and conserve biodiversity. In this paper, we explore the issues caused by the lack of an adequately governed and universally accepted list of the world’s ...
  • Conix S.; Garnett S.T.; Thiele K.R.; Christidis L.; van Dijk P.P.; Bánki O.S.; Barik S.K.; Buckeridge J.S.; Costello M.J.; Hobern D.; Kirk P.M.; Lien A.; Nikolaeva S.; Pyle R.L.; Thomson S.A.; Zhang Z.Q.; Zachos F.E. (2021)
    A global consensus list of the world’s species must be based on the best available taxonomic research, and its contents should not be biased towards certain political or social aims. At the same time, users of any global ...

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