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  • Samarina O.; Vereshchagin A.; Ishmaeva E.; Vul'fson S.; D'yakov V.; Baryshok V.; Voronkov M.; Pudovik A. (1977)
    1. Polarizability parameters have been determined for the Si-C and Si-O bonds. The Si-O bond of the siloxanes does not show axial symmetry. 2. The axes of the molecular polarizability ellipsoid for 1-methylsilatrane have ...
  • Varnavskaya O.; Ishmaeva E.; D'yakov V.; Sorokin M.; Voronkov M.; Pudovik A. (1977)
    It was shown by the DM method that the γ′ conformation of the side chain is realized in the 1-γ-halo-propylsilatranes, the gauche form is realized predominantly in the 1-thioethoxymethylsilatranes, while a trans orientation ...
  • Varnavskaya O.; Ishmaeva E.; D'yakov V.; Kudyakov N. (1978)
    A study was made of the IR spectra and dipole moments of some heterocycles that simultaneously contain phosphorus and silicon atoms. The preferential conformation of the dioxasilaphosphorinanes is discussed. © 1979 Plenum ...

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