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  • Hamadeh A.; D'Allivy Kelly O.; Hahn C.; Meley H.; Bernard R.; Molpeceres A.; Naletov V.; Viret M.; Anane A.; Cros V.; Demokritov S.; Prieto J.; Muñoz M.; De Loubens G.; Klein O. (2014)
    © 2014 American Physical Society. It is demonstrated that the threshold current for damping compensation can be reached in a 5μm diameter YIG(20nm)|Pt(7nm) disk. The demonstration rests upon the measurement of the ferromagnetic ...
  • Collet M.; De Milly X.; D'Allivy Kelly O.; Naletov V.; Bernard R.; Bortolotti P.; Ben Youssef J.; Demidov V.; Demokritov S.; Prieto J.; Muñoz M.; Cros V.; Anane A.; De Loubens G.; Klein O. (2016)
    In recent years, spin-orbit effects have been widely used to produce and detect spin currents in spintronic devices. The peculiar symmetry of the spin Hall effect allows creation of a spin accumulation at the interface ...
  • Hahn C.; Naletov V.; De Loubens G.; Klein O.; D'Allivy Kelly O.; Anane A.; Bernard R.; Jacquet E.; Bortolotti P.; Cros V.; Prieto J.; Muñoz M. (2014)
    We report on an experimental study on the spin-waves relaxation rate in two series of nanodisks of diameter / = 300, 500, and 700 nm, patterned out of two systems: a 20 nm thick yttrium iron garnet (YIG) film grown by ...

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