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  • Gaponova A.; Nikonova A.; Deneka A.; Kopp M.; Kudinov A.; Skobeleva N.; Khazak V.; Ogawa L.; Cai K.; Duncan K.; Duncan J.; Egleston B.; Proia D.; Boumber Y.; Golemis E. (2016)
    ©2016 AACR.Purpose: Small cell lung cancer (SCLC) is a highly aggressive disease representing 12% to 13% of total lung cancers, with median survival of <2 years. No targeted therapies have proven effective in SCLC. Although ...
  • Gabitova L.; Restifo D.; Gorin A.; Manocha K.; Handorf E.; Yang D.; Cai K.; Klein-Szanto A.; Cunningham D.; Kratz L.; Herman G.; Golemis E.; Astsaturov I. (2015)
    © 2015 The Authors. Meiosis-activating sterols (MAS) are substrates of SC4MOL and NSDHL in the cholesterol pathway and are important for normal organismal development. Oncogenic transformation by epidermal growth factor ...
  • Kudinov A.; Deneka A.; Nikonova A.; Beck T.; Ahn Y.; Liu X.; Martinez C.; Schultz F.; Reynolds S.; Yang D.; Cai K.; Yaghmour K.; Baker K.; Egleston B.; Nicolas E.; Chikwem A.; Andrianov G.; Singh S.; Borghaei H.; Serebriiskii I.; Gibbons D.; Kurie J.; Golemis E.; Boumber Y. (2016)
    © 2016, National Academy of Sciences. All rights reserved.Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) has a 5-y survival rate of ∼16%, with most deaths associated with uncontrolled metastasis. We screened for stem cell identity-related ...

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