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  • Schaefer B.; Pagnotta A.; Lacluyze A.; Reichart D.; Ivarsen K.; Haislip J.; Nysewander M.; Moore J.; Oksanen A.; Worters H.; Sefako R.; Mentz J.; Dvorak S.; Gomez T.; Harris B.; Henden A.; Tan T.; Templeton M.; Allen W.; Monard B.; Rea R.; Roberts G.; Stein W.; Maehara H.; Richards T.; Stockdale C.; Krajci T.; Sjoberg G.; McCormick J.; Revnivtsev M.; Molkov S.; Suleimanov V.; Darnley M.; Bode M.; Handler G.; Lepine S.; Shara M. (2011)
    The eruption of the recurrent nova U Scorpii on 2010 January 28 is now the all-time best observed nova event. We report 36,776 magnitudes throughout its 67 day eruption, for an average of one measure every 2.6 minutes. ...
  • Darnley M.; Henze M.; Bode M.; Hachisu I.; Hernanz M.; Hornoch K.; Hounsell R.; Kato M.; Ness J.; Osborne J.; Page K.; Ribeiro V.; Rodríguez-Gil P.; Shafter A.; Shara M.; Steele I.; Williams S.; Arai A.; Arcavi I.; Barsukova E.; Boumis P.; Chen T.; Fabrika S.; Figueira J.; Gao X.; Gehrels N.; Godon P.; Goranskij V.; Harman D.; Hartmann D.; Hosseinzadeh G.; Horst J.; Itagaki K.; José J.; Kabashima F.; Kaur A.; Kawai N.; Kennea J.; Kiyota S.; Kučáková H.; Lau K.; Maehara H.; Naito H.; Nakajima K.; Nishiyama K.; O'Brien T.; Quimby R.; Sala G.; Sano Y.; Sion E.; Valeev A.; Watanabe F.; Watanabe M.; Williams B.; Xu Z. (2016)
    © 2016. The American Astronomical Society. All rights reserved.The Andromeda Galaxy recurrent nova M31N 2008-12a had been observed in eruption 10 times, including yearly eruptions from 2008 to 2014. With a measured recurrence ...

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